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Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Bamboo Jewel Bedding Memory Foam Pillow

With the new Bamboo Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow you can sleep and rest in total comfort! Made of natural bamboo fibre, polyester and memory foam. This quality pillow has an exclusive elegant design. Ergonomic,...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Cecotec Memory Foam Pillow

Don't go to sleep without the Cecotec memory foam pillow! Made with 100% memory foam continuous laminate It adapts to the body contour avoiding pressure, stress and neck problems Maximum...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

InnovaGoods Heated Electric Pillow 40 x 30 cm 100W White

This winter, don't be without the handy, comfortable InnovaGoods Wellness Care heated electric pillow. A heating cushion that is perfect for applying heat to different areas of the body, helping to...
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Couch Air Airbed

In case you need a spare airbed at home or anywhere else, we present you the best solution: the fabulous Couch Air airbed! This inflatable mattress is very practical, safe and...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Jewel Bedding Memory Foam Pillow with Case

With the Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow with case your hours of sleep and relax will have better quality and comfort! This ergonomic neck pillow is very comfortable and soft with its...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Reading Pillow with Armrests Huggilow InnovaGoods

InnovaGoods makes it easy to prioritise your personal care without any excuses, as it offers the best and latest beauty, relaxation and wellbeing items! The Reading Pillow with Armrests Huggilow...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Copos Cecorelax Memory Foam Pillow

Get the best rest with the Copos Cecorelax memory foam pillow! Made with 100% memory foam flakes Its fluffy materials provide spongy and sturdy support Aloe vera treatment Remeshed inner sheath Strech...
Cushions and PillowsHealth | Beauty

Cecotec Active Charcoal Memory Foam Pillow

You now have great rest within your reach, with the Cecotec active charcoal memory foam pillow! Made with a memory foam centre and active charcoal particles Discharges static electricity during the...